April 18th, 2023

Financial Readiness: A New Take on Financial Literacy That’s Creating a Bridge to Homeownership

In the month of April we celebrate National Financial Literacy Month and on April 25th, National Financial Independence Day. As a financial technology (fintech) company, Ready Life is committed to both. Our mission is to provide tools to help families create and preserve generational wealth– beginning with homeownership.

Building Generational Wealth

For centuries, one of the primary ways in which families have consistently built generational wealth has been through owning homes and land– and Ready Life is dedicated to setting homeowners up for success. This is where financial literacy comes into play.

Financial Literacy Month encourages awareness of the need for more financial education in schools, as well as among adults. Ready Life is committed to educating adults as well as young people in high school and college regarding the importance of homeownership, how to prepare for homeownership and the significance and importance of creating generational wealth. We know that individuals can own homes much sooner than they currently do with proper education and planning.

Rewriting the Rules to Homeownership

Ready Life is rewriting the rules to homeownership and our Founder & CEO, Ashley Bell, believes that we do that by evaluating what really matters–not just a three-digit credit score. “Did you know that credit scores are created on a bell curve? That means half will always be below 700 and half above. If you feel like you just can’t seem to get and “stay” ahead of the credit score game, well … that’s because it’s rigged,” Ashley states.

It’s this kind of information that’s not readily shared and Ready Life wants to make sure individuals across the country are empowered to achieve homeownership. At Ready Life, we refer to it as Financial Readiness. The goal of our education is to help individuals to be ready to purchase and maintain their first home.

Are You Ready?

If you’re Ready to start on the path to homeownership, we invite you to join the Ready Life neighborhood at readylife.com/joinready and get started today. There’s no cost to join! Apply for your Ready Pay digital account (it comes with a Ready Pay Debit Card), use the account for direct deposit, to pay your rent on time, and for everyday spending, and in approximately nine months, you’ll be able to apply for a mortgage without a credit score review.  It is that easy! Ready! Join today! www.readylife.com.

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