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No credit score needed.

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Our goal is to make financial services and home ownership accessible and equitable for all.

Meet our leaders

Ashley Bell — Ready Life Founder & CEO

Dr. Bernice A. King — Advisory Council Chair

What we're solving*

The traditional financial system isn’t working for everyone.

Overlooked communities and those without a traditional credit file are largely shut off from the traditional financial system. A person's largest expense is their home and these days the markets have made it challenging for many to obtain a mortgage.

Pay with Ready. Own a home. No credit score needed.

We want to disrupt the market by using alternative methods of data collection other than credit scoring to guarantee people a mortgage.

No credit score needed

Obtain a mortgage without having to rely on your credit score by applying for a Ready Pay digital account and using it to pay for rent and other everyday purchases. We use your transaction data to show your ability to pay as the primary source of approval for our mortgage program.

Robust community

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Make payments

Use your Ready Pay account and Ready Pay Visa® debit card* to make qualifying payments such as your monthly rent for at least 9 months and start your path toward home ownership.

Everyday uses

Use Ready Pay for your everyday spending, utilize direct deposit to access your paycheck up to 2 days early, add to your digital wallet and make peer to peer transactions.

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It's time to create a new path to homeownership, one without the barriers of credit scores.

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