October 5, 2023

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How to Fund Your Ready Pay Account

    4 Ways to Fund Your Ready Pay Account

    It’s official. You’re part of the Ready Life family- welcome to the neighborhood!

    Welcome to Ready Pay! It is time to fund your account so that you can start spending!

      Here are 4️⃣ easy ways to fund your approved Ready Pay account:

      1. Link an Existing Bank Account & Transfer Money 

      The easiest way to fund your Ready Pay account is to link an existing checking or savings bank account within the Ready Pay mobile app and transfer money from your existing bank account to your Ready Pay account.

      Note: Depending on your existing bank, funds can take from 3-5 business days to appear in your Ready Pay account.

      You can link an existing bank account by navigating to the home page in your Ready Pay app and tapping “add money.” From there, you will be connected via Plaid Technology and you are able to search for your existing bank and transfer money to your Ready Pay account.

        2. Set up Direct Deposit

        To ensure your account always has funds available, you may automatically deposit money into your Ready Pay account by setting up direct deposit with your employer. This allows for all (or at least part) of your paycheck to be automatically deposited to your account when you are paid by your employer.

        To set up direct deposit, navigate to the “my account page” in your Ready Pay app on your mobile device. Locate your account number (you may need to tap the ‘eye’ to view your account number) and routing number and let your employer know you’d like to set up direct deposit. They will likely ask for your account number and routing number as well as if you’d like to allocate all of your paycheck or part of your paycheck to your account when your paycheck comes in.  If your employer requests a form, please download the Direct Deposit Form available from Ready Pay here.

        🔥Hot tip: When applying for loans ie. car loans and mortgages, banks appreciate seeing recurring direct deposits to an account as it confirms employment and a regular flow of incoming funds.

          3. Transfer funds from Peer to Peer (P2P) Mobile Payment App 

          The fastest way to transfer funds to your Ready Pay account is to add your Ready Pay VisaⓇ Debit Card to an existing peer to peer mobile app such as Venmo or Cash App and transfer existing funds already located in Cash App or Venmo to your Ready Pay account as you would with any other bank account linked to Venmo or Cash App. Transactions facilitated by peer to peer apps typically process faster and therefore money transferred from Venmo or Cash App will show up in your Ready Pay debit sooner than most transactions.

          To add your Ready Pay account to your active peer to peer app such as Venmo or Cash App, open up the peer to peer app. Then, navigate to your profile and tap ‘Add bank card’ or ‘Link bank accounts.’ When transferring money to your Ready Pay account, be sure to select 'debit' or select your 'Ready Pay debit card'  as the receiving account if you have multiple accounts listed.

          4. Invite a Friend to Use Ready Pay

          We all get by with a little help from our friends. Invite a friend or family member to join Ready Pay if they haven’t already and start making peer to peer payments to each other through Ready Pay- at no cost!

          To have a friend send you money, open your Ready Pay app on your mobile device and navigate to the homepage. Select ‘Send Money’ and have your friend search for your name in the search box. If your friend does not have Ready Pay downloaded, please have them download the Ready Pay mobile app first from the app store.

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