November 14, 2023

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Get Paid 2 Days Early With Direct Deposit

    Once you have downloaded, applied for, and been approved for a Ready Pay account through the Ready Pay App on your mobile device, you can get paid up to 2 days earlier*** than you normally would by setting up direct deposit with your employer. You will need to work with your employer and provide them with your Ready Pay account and routing numbers. These numbers are found by clicking “My Account” in the Ready Pay app. To see the numbers, please click on the “eye” icon and the numbers will appear.

    Some employers/payroll departments may request your account number and routing number to be placed on a particular form. Please feel free to use the form located here.

    In most cases you should be able to update your direct deposit with the account information found in your Ready Pay app. Please note that your Ready Pay account is held by Primis Bank and this is the name that will appear in the routing information as the bank name.

      * The Primis Routing number has been active since July 20, 2021. Payroll systems that have not been updated may not recognize this routing number. This number can be verified using the E- Payments Routing Directory.

      * Ready Pay is a spending account offered by Figure Payments Corporation, a licensed money transmitter.  All Ready Pay funds are held in an account in the name of Figure Payment Corporation at Primis Bank.

      ***Early access depends on when your employer submits the payment file.

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