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Why Should You Use Ready Pay?

    Pay with Ready. Own a home. No credit score necessary.

    Ready Life is proud to present our featured product, Ready Pay. Ready Pay is available nationwide via the App Store (Apple or Google Play) at no cost and it is a digital payment platform. What makes Ready Pay stand out from all of the other payment platform products?

      Let’s count the ways!

      1️⃣ No Fees & Account Comes With a VisaⓇ Debit Card

    • The Ready Pay account is free to set up and there are no fees associated with the account. Once approved, Ready Pay customers will receive a Ready Pay debit card in the mail creating more access to the account.

        2️⃣ Use Ready Pay for Your Everyday Spending

      • Ready Pay may be used like you would use your normal checking or savings account. You may pay with the account digitally (QR Code), you may make peer to peer transactions, you may connect your Ready Pay account to outside payment rails such as Venmo or Cash App, you are able to pay utility bills, rent and other regular monthly expenses utilizing either the digital account, the debit card, or by utilizing ACH payments.

          3️⃣ Access your paycheck up to 2 days early

        • Set up Direct Deposit with your employer into your Ready Pay account and you may receive access to your paycheck up to two days earlier than you normally would.

            4️⃣ Fund your digital wallet and make peer to peer transactions

          • Simply fund your Ready Pay account by connecting it to an existing checking or savings account (via Plaid) and you are eligible to make payments to your family and friends and business transactions using Ready Pay.

              5️⃣ Support a black-owned business

            • Ready Life is a black-owned fintech company founded by Ashley Bell. Ashley’s bio may be found here. He has extensive knowledge and experience and is truly making a difference in bridging the equity wealth gap that exists in our country today.

                6️⃣ Pay Rent and other Bills Directly From the Ready Pay App

              • You are able to pay your rent and all daily expenditures utilizing your Ready Pay account. If you are a renter, does your landlord charge fees when utilizing a credit or debit card? If so, no problem- you may pay with ACH- by paying with your account number and routing number associated with your Ready Pay account. You may utilize your Ready Pay account, debit card and ACH to pay regular bills, and to spend as you normally do with a debit card.

                  7️⃣ Start your Journey Towards Homeownership

                • If you are a current renter seeking homeownership, Ready Pay may provide a new pathway for you. By utilizing your Ready Pay account to pay rent on time and for your everyday expenses and recurring expenses (bills, etc.), the Ready Life team takes your transaction history into account when seeking a mortgage product for you. Ready Life knows that you are MUCH more than a credit score. Your transactional data provides information about you and your ability to afford a mortgage.

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