October 10, 2023

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Link Your Ready Pay Account to Payment Platforms such as Cash App!

    Ways to Use Ready Pay with Cash App:

    1) Instant Funds Transfer:

    You may fund your Ready Pay account immediately (avoid the 3-5 business day transaction time from your connected checking/savings account) by using Cash App. If your Ready Pay Visa is listed as one of the debit cards in your Cash App, then you may transfer money easily to your Ready Pay account immediately for a .25 cent fee (fee charged through Cash App and Venmo) or you may transfer money for free with a 1-3 day transfer turnaround time.

      2) Pay Rent Using Cash App:

      If your landlord prefers you pay rent using Cash App, then you may easily transfer your rent payment (exact amount per your lease agreement for tracking purposes) from your Ready Pay Debit Card associated with your Cash App account to your Cash App balance.

        3) Do You Pay Friends, Family, and Colleagues using Cash App?

        Now, you may pay using Ready Pay! Encourage anyone you are paying electronically to sign up for Ready Pay and you may make peer to peer transactions at no cost!

          Link Ready Pay with Cash App in 5 Easy Steps:

        1. Open Cash App on your mobile device.
        2. Tap ‘Linked Bank Accounts’.
        3. Tap ‘Linked Debit’.
        4. Input your Ready Pay debit card information. Tip: You can get your debit card number and details in the Ready Pay App in ‘card settings’.
        5. 💸 Start spending!! 💸 Note: Make sure when you pay someone or send money that you choose 'debit' or that your Ready Pay debit card is selected as the form of payment, especially if you have multiple accounts listed.

            About Ready Life:

            We are a company committed to helping people build generational wealth with products focused on growing and enhancing your financial health. We are offering an alternative approach to mortgage qualifications through using our digital transactional account Ready Pay to help you qualify for a mortgage.

              About Ready Pay:

              If you are a current renter seeking homeownership, Ready Pay may provide a new pathway for you. By utilizing your Ready Pay account to pay rent on time and for your everyday expenses and recurring expenses (bills, etc.), the Ready Life team takes your transaction history into account when seeking a mortgage product for you. Ready Life knows that you are MUCH more than a credit score. Your transactional data provides information about you and your ability to afford a mortgage.

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