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Ready Pay

A Digital Spending and Payment Account

You can apply for a Ready Pay account via the Ready Pay App and use it for your everyday purchases. Qualifying payments made through your Ready Pay account can also provide a path toward homeownership.

No Fees & Account Comes With a VisaⓇ Debit Card

Use Ready Pay for Your Everyday Spending

Access Your Paycheck up to 2 Days Early

Fund your Digital Wallet and Make Peer to Peer Payments

Support a Black-owned Business

Pay Rent and other Bills Directly From the Ready Pay App

Start your Journey Towards Homeownership

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Our goal is to close the wealth gap by addressing historical challenges faced by underserved and overlooked communities.

Meet Our Leaders

Ashley Bell — Ready Life Founder & CEO

Dr. Bernice A. King — Advisory Council Chair

BBB Accredidation