March 27th, 2023

What is Ready Life? A fintech or mission-driven organization?

The correct answer is both. Ready Life is a financial technology company on a mission to make financial services accessible and equitable for all–and we’re starting with home mortgages.

Ready Life knows that home ownership is fundamental to building generational wealth. Therefore, the leadership at Ready Life is committed to removing the systemic barriers that have locked millions of Americans out of the promise of the dream of homeownership.

You Are More Than A Credit Score

Since the invention of the modern consumer credit score in 1989, mortgage lenders have leaned heavily on the credit scoring system to approve or deny potential borrowers. In fact, in 1995, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced that lenders would be required to use FICO scores on residential mortgage applications. But what happens when these scoring systems lock tens of millions of potential homeowners out of the process?

Each year, the modern-era consumer credit score system locks millions of Americans out of the dream of homeownership. Therefore, Ready Life is pioneering a revolutionary mortgage lending model that relies on good rental payment history to qualify buyers for home purchases.

The Growing American Homeownership Gap

  • Blacks in America own homes at a rate of 44%, as opposed to 74% for white Americans. (Redfin)
  • Black applicants are denied a mortgage at an 84 percent higher rate than White applicants (Zillow HMDA Study)
  • 45.1% percent of Black consumers and 31.5% of Hispanic consumers have subprime credit scores, while only 18.3 percent of white borrowers do.

Ready Life: Welcome to the Neighborhood

"We are rewriting the rules for homeownership," says Ready Life CEO Ashley D. Bell, a corporate finance attorney and a former White House Policy Advisor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The current system isn't working, so Ready Life has created a way to help individuals get into a home of their own based on the factors that matter. We believe that a family with a documented history of paying their rent on time will pay their mortgage in the same manner." With Ready Life, consumers who pay their rent on time using the Ready Pay Debit Card can qualify for mortgages without a credit score review.

Built on a Powerful Legacy

Ready Life is co-founded by Dr. Bernice A. King, the daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, who also serves as chair of the Ready Life advisory board. Dr. King views Ready Life’s mission as an extension of her father’s work to reduce poverty and inequality. “I believe that Ready Life can help rectify decades of discrimination in the area of homeownership by helping to remove unnecessary barriers,” King states.

Utilizing Fintech to Overcome Systemic Barriers

Ready Life founder and CEO Ashley Bell believes technology can serve society in a way that wasn’t previously possible. “We now live in a time where technology can be utilized as a tool to help undo a system that has not served all Americans well–and create a new system that will. Thus, we are both humbled and proud to present a new path to homeownership.”

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