August 10, 2023

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No Check? No Problem! Why Pay Using ACH?

    Why Pay Using ACH? The answer is simple:  Convenience, Security, Cost Savings, and a positive impact on the environment!

      Ready Life is proud to announce that you can now pay your rent and other recurring bills with ACH by entering your account number & routing number in your rental payment portal (or even on your utilities online payment portal). So, What exactly is ACH and why should you utilize this payment form?

      ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous advantages over traditional payment methods. Some answers to the question as to why use ACH include the convenience, security, and cost savings it offers to both individuals and businesses:


        One advantage of ACH payments is the convenience they provide. Unlike paper checks or wire transfers, ACH transactions are automated, faster and more efficient. With ACH, individuals can schedule recurring payments, such as rent, utility bills, and other recurring bills, ensuring timely payments without the hassle of remembering due dates. The ACH payments are made using the biller’s website or payment system. The individual simply inputs their account number and routing number into the system and it works as if you have just written a check, only the process is much easier. It is important to always double check the routing number and account number when entering for ACH payments!


          ACH payments offer security features that help to protect sensitive financial information. The electronic nature of ACH transactions reduces the risk of lost or stolen checks, which minimizes potential fraud. ACH transactions undergo a calculated authentication process, adding an extra layer of security, which is particularly important when handling large-scale payments (such as your rent).

            Cost Savings:

            Paying with ACH can lead to substantial cost savings for both consumers and businesses. ACH transactions are typically more affordable than credit card payments, where processing fees can add considerable cost. When a rental management company charges the renter a fee, sometimes it can be a significant fee or a percentage of the total amount being paid. To pay with a debit or credit card, then it is much more affordable to pay using the ACH payment system.

              Better for the Environment:

              By utilizing ACH payments, individuals and businesses can contribute to a more eco-friendly environment. Using ACH payments reduces the need for paper checks and any paperwork leading to a smaller footprint, making ACH a greener, more environmentally sound payment option.

              Utilizing ACH payments to pay your rent, utilities or any other recurring bills, may prove to be beneficial to all parties involved. It is more secure, convenient, saves you money and helps you to leave a smaller footprint on our environment.  For more information on how to utilize ACH payments using Ready Pay, please visit the FAQs located on the Ready Life website here.

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